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时空仙境 Spacetime Wonderland

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Tang is an illustrator and designer from China, currently living in Shanghai. Tang began studying traditional Chinese painting since childhood and studied traditional Chinese fine brushwork painting from primary school to college. After entering college, Tang studied advertising design. Most of Tang’s painting style and inspiration come from traditional Chinese paintings.

Chinese traditional painting and cultural heritage is very expansive blending ancient literature, nature, music, and legends blend into artwork. Artists have used rice paper, silk, and other materials to paint, but in the digital age, we can make more use of technology to create. This allows them to bring more awareness and understanding to our history.

Tang currently enjoys using digital methods to paint and show traditional Chinese styles, legends, and artwork in a new light.

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• 900x400x4mm
• Comes packaged in a custom box
• Stitched Edges
• Cloth top, Rubber Bottom

Care Instructions

Machine washable (wash on cold/gentle - air dry)

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