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Looking Back at Simpler Times

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Cristian is a multifaceted artist hailing from Uruguay now currently residing in Spain. He creates illustrations and visual content for brands, products and publications. The focus of Cristian’s work is to understand and illustrate a story. He aims for minimalism and a careful balance between abstract and figurative to let the main subject take center stage and leave the rest to the imagination. Cristian is inspired by the works of many impressionist and surrealist artists including Picasso and Dalí.

Looking Back at Simpler Times is one of Cristian’s largest pieces to date. During the exploration of Simpler Times, Cristian pulled upon years of past experiences with games, revisiting memories with AAA, retro, and titles he has fond memories of. He hopes to expand on his artistic journey, now working on his linoleum block carvings whenever the time allows.

Twitter: @CristianPintos_

Instagram: @cristian_uy


Proceeds from all purchases for this campaign will be donated to the AbleGamers Charity and the International Committee of the Red Cross.


• 900x400x4mm
• Comes packaged in a custom box
• Stitched Edges
• Cloth top, Rubber Bottom

Care Instructions

Machine washable (wash on cold/gentle - air dry)

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