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Gaming Laptop Exploded

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Pierre is an illustrator and concept artist. He has been drawing and gaming his entire life and has combined these two passions with this Exploded View illustration. Pierre has worked in various game studios as well as freelanced in the tech and entertainment industries. 

Ever since he started playing games, he has drawn art inspired by it, from sketching out Dungeons & Dragons characters and wacky scenes play sessions to fanart of games he plays.

Pierre’s art tends to be clean and deliberate, and colorful. He considers himself a jack of all trades, drawing characters and environments as well as dabbling in all kinds of art styles. The artist enjoys drawing realistic scenes as much as cartoony ones. He also has a varied taste in games, owning titles from nearly every genre. These days he plays a lot of games with strong characters and narratives, with RPGs and open-world action games being his go-tos.

Instagram: @_itspear


Proceeds from all purchases for this campaign will be donated to the Red Cross and AbleGamers.


• 900x400x4mm
• Comes packaged in a custom box
• Stitched Edges
• Cloth top, Rubber Bottom

Care Instructions

Machine washable (wash on cold/gentle - air dry)

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