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Cheryl is a freelance artist from Hong Kong and has been creating since a very young age. Cheryl’s experiences from living in Hong Kong and its busy commercial district has inspired many of her artworks. The pieces are filled with busy shops and colorful signs punctuated with subjects, frozen in a slice of their hectic urban lives.  Cheryl also draws from previous experiences in games, animation, and comics, and loves dwarf hamsters and playing Sky with friends.

Not content with just producing artwork, Cheryl also manages an online community where artists from around the world can share feedback and best practices as they grow together.

Twitter: @cysketch

Instagram: @cysketch


Proceeds from all purchases for this campaign will be donated to the Red Cross and AbleGamers.


• 900x400x4mm
• Comes packaged in a custom box
• Stitched Edges
• Cloth top, Rubber Bottom

Care Instructions

Machine washable (wash on cold/gentle - air dry)

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