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Adventurer's Hideout

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Anya is a concept and 3D artist from the UK that specializes in bright and sunny environment art. She loves to visit botanical and walled gardens as well as places with water where she can sit by and relax. Her love of these places inspires her to paint these kinds of environments. In Anya’s own words, “I always like to paint places that I want to be in myself.”

Anya is also experienced in lecturing and teaching at various institutions. In addition to 1:1 online mentoring, group mentorships, and YouTube videos, Anya loves helping others evaluate their work and reach their artistic goals.

Twitter: @Anya_The_Artist

Instagram: @anya_the_artist


Proceeds from all purchases for this campaign will be donated to the Red Cross and AbleGamers.


• 900x400x4mm
• Comes packaged in a custom box
• Stitched Edges
• Cloth top, Rubber Bottom

Care Instructions

Machine washable (wash on cold/gentle - air dry)

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